Vintage synth repair London UK

Terms & Conditions

Any repairs undertaken are on the basis that you have read,understood and agree to these Terms and conditions

Our minimum charge is £85.

1..We will not undertake work without permission that will exceed a previously agreed price. In the unlikely event we can't fix your gear we would normally not charge as long as you have described the fault reasonably accurately.

.If it were a particularly complex job or one that might involve unobtainable parts we would agree with you  a charge should repair prove uneconomic or impossible. If it is only possible to partially fix your equipment within the budget you set we will agree a partial charge with you..

.All estimates, work requests and any other details discussed by telephone or in person must be confirmed by email in order to be valid.We receive many enquiries and requests and it is in the best interests of both parties that there is a written record and agreement. Once we have sent you an estimate range via Email bringing your equipment to us constitutes acceptance of that estimate range

.If we can repair  your machine within the estimate range you agree to, we have started working on it  and you decide not to proceed with the repair for any reason we reserve the right to charge at least our minimum charge  for our time.

..If we cannot fix it within the estimate range you have the right to tell us not to proceed and normally we would not long as you have described the fault and the condition of the machine reasonably accurately.

2.. If your synth/drum machine has memories and has data you wish to retain please save this before bring in the unit. We can save and reload this for you for £20. Generally the data will not be affected by servicing but we cannot guarantee this and some operations(such as battery changes or some CPU board faults) will mean the loss of data is unavoidable. We cannot be held responsible for it's loss

3. Repairs are guaranteed for 30 days, are NOT transferable and cover the repaired fault only. Not transferable means that if for example you ask us to service a machine for sale you must satisfy yourself before selling it and within the 30 days that you are happy.
Any warranty is void at the time you sell it even if the equipment is returned to you. We cannot accept a machine for warranty repair from you or the buyer as a result of the buyer being unhappy whether inside the 30 days or not. We do this to avoid having to deal with a buyer who has totally unreasonable expectations and expects a vintage machine to be completely as new or buyers who are fraudsters.We also cannot control your or your buyers shipping or transit arrangement of such transactions.

4..The guarantee starts from the date you pick up or the machine is delivered to you NOT the date you first use it. This is the standard warranty length in this industry. We would usually expect(but cannot guarantee)the repair to last far longer.

Electronic goods have a designed service life of around 10 years. every electronic component inside has a similar service life .  Almost all the machines we work on are 30 - 50 years old . Therefore reliability simply cannot realistically be guaranteed no matter how much care and skill is put in to the repair or service. Normal consumer law for repairs to new or recently made equipment is not relevant or applicable to vintage machines and bringing your machine in for repair is explicit  acceptance of this.

Any faults, which are different to the original repair whether inside the 30 days or not, will be regarded as new and will only be covered by a guarantee if repaired under a new (and Chargeable) repair. We reserve the right not to undertake repairs that are different from the original repaired fault whether the original repaired fault is under warranty or not. 
If the fault is new we may consider a discount on the new repair as a goodwill gesture but this is entirely at our discretion and without prejudice. 

Synths are complex and have many separate sections , To use an analogy, if you took your car to a garage to replace the wheels and the next week the engine failed , you would not expect that garage to replace the engine for free. If the car was 30 -50 years old  - even less so.

If you ask us to service your machine this does not mean that every single part of your keyboard is then covered by the warranty. Only specific faults that we repair or components we replace are covered .
It is important to know the difference between servicing and restoration. If you wish us to fully restore your machine then everything will be covered but this of course will be much more expensive.

Any cosmetic damage must be reported to us before leaving our premises (or within 24 hours if the equipment has been shipped to you).we cannot accept responsibility for any damage after this time.

.Faults must be reported and machines must be returned to us within the warranty period at the customers expense for warranty repair to be valid unless we agree otherwise by writing or Email. The customer is responsible for all shipping expenses. 

It is our decision to repair the machine or refund you. In any case we cannot issue any refund before the machine has been returned to us for inspection at the customers expense and within the warranty period. Any refund will not include any charges we have made for courier or driver delivery or collection.

If you open your equipment or take it elsewhere for inspection or repair without our written or emailed agreement the warranty is void.

Any work carried out under warranty does not extend that warranty for another 30 days. The time is based on when the machine is returned to us not the date the fault was reported.
For example if we repaired an issue after 15 days the remainder of the warranty would be 15 days not another 30 days.

5..If you choose to ship an instrument to us we cannot be responsible for it arriving damaged. .We cannot guarantee we will be on site to accept instruments shipped to us without prior notice of what day it will arrive, our agreement and tracking information.

...In common with the vast majority of vintage synth repair companies All equipment is left with us at the customers own risk.  it is very rare  for damage to occur but we do not  accept liability for loss or damage in transit either to or from us by courier or by our representatives or employees.The customer accepts full responsibility for all of their equipment left at our premises or in transit by you or us to or from locations where the work is carried out.We will ship the  majority of machines but  with some (particularly old, delicate , valuable etc ) we will advise against shipping. If you choose to  not to take this advice will only ship on the basis there is no warranty on the repair. We always recommend personal pickup but we do appreciate sometimes this is not possible. 

We do not offer insurance against theft or damage to customer owned equipment so it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that adequate insurance is in place for their own equipment including cover for transit.  We have never been accused of inadequate packaging by anyone but as this is the most common excuse given by insurance companies for not paying out we explicitly disclaim liability for accusations of this nature.
 All work is undertaken on the basis and assumption  that you have such insurance.

6..Please note that timescales given are estimates. Whilst we do everything possible to meet estimates sometimes factors outside our control mean we cannot guarantee them and we cannot accept liability for any losses due to delays

7..If we have informed you that your machine is ready or you wish to take it away and you do not collect within 3 weeks without our prior agreement we reserve the right to charge storage at £7.50 per week.
If a machine is left with us for more than 3 months after we have informed you it is ready the warranty is void.


9.. After 14 months we reserve the right to sell your machine to cover our costs if we have received no contact from you. We always try to be reasonable and understanding but we simply do not have the space to offer a free storage facility for extended periods of time.

10. .We are proud of our reputation and It is very rare  that a customer is not satisfied. In that unlikely event we will work with you in a civilised way to reach a fair, reasonable and amicable solution and we expect you to do the same.

We may offer a full or partial refund at our discretion if we consider that to continue working on a machine will not have a positive outcome and we reserve the right to refuse to continue working on a machine.. We also reserve the right once a machine is out of warranty not  to undertake further chargeable repairs if we do not feel this would have a positive outcome. 

In any case our sole liability will be to refund any charges we have made. In this case all warranties will then be void.
We will not be liable for ANY other losses of ANY kind.
Any repairs undertaken are on the basis that you have read, understood and agree to these conditions.
These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice