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Vintage synth quiz

Welcome to the Cyberwave vintage synth fun quiz which is designed to test your knowledge of the people and instruments involved in the pre 1990 synth world!

1. What was the name of the Moog synth that was built into a suitcase ?
2. What machine powered by a 200 horsepower motor was generally accepted to be the heaviest ever electronic musical instument?
3. What was the name of Roland's proprietry pre midi interface?
4. Name the synth that was most famous for its transparent case?
5. What were the two main external differences between the MK1 and MK3 ARP Odyssey? 
6. What was the connection between a Korg instument( not strictly speaking a synth) and a British aircraft manufacturer?
7. Name the pioneering soft/hardware synth system based on the Apple 2 computer and called after a star.?
8. Name the Rhodes companies first professional synthesizer.
9 . What was the successor to the Mellotron called?
10. What feature of the Korg MS20 was supposed to interface it with acoustic instruments?
11. From whom or what did the Fairlight company get their name?
12. Why was the Poly 61 synth a first for Korg?
13 What was the original name for the Theremin?
14. Which early instrument required the player to wear a ring type device on their finger?
15. What instrument did the U.K Musicians Union attempt to ban in the early eighties?
16 What french synth was also the name of a computer language
1. What was the name of the British designer of the OSCar, Wasp and gnat synths?
2. What did ARP stand for?
3. What was the name of the company who instigated the MIDI interface and what was the name of their chief designer?
4. What does PPG stand for?
5. Who was the man credited with the FM synthesis concept who went on to help Yamaha develop their DX range of synths?
6. Name one of the three principal designers of the EMS company
7. What is the first name of Mr Oberhiem
8. In what year was the U.K BBCs radiophonic workshop formed?